// Terrible day.//

I just had the absolute worst day. :( In short:

-logged into my main gmail account, got a notification that it was compromised and I needed to verify my account and change my password. Once I was able to log in, I saw that my account had been used to send tens of thousands of spam messages. And hopefully that’s all.

-decided to log into my extra gmail account (that I never use except for resumes and important stuff like that) for the first time in at least a couple of months and discovered that the same thing had happened.

-got a call from VISA saying that my card had some “suspicious activity” and they had cancelled it and issued me a new card.

-spilled ketchup all over my favorite white/blue striped shirt (aka one of the only three or four shirts that still fit my pregnant belly).

-waited for over 40 minutes for the bus in the snow and wind (the bus was supposed to run every 15 minutes) and eventually flagged down a cab rather than wait longer, because…

-I discovered that my shoes have a hole in the toe, and it just so happens that it’s in the exact same spot as the hole in the toe of the sock I was wearing on that foot.

-waited for 20 minutes for a bus to get home, before deciding to walk home, since when I arrived at the bus stop the girl who was already there waiting told me she’d already waited for more than 15 minutes. Again, for a bus that’s supposed to run every 15 minutes. And it’s not like it was rush hour and the roads were packed with traffic.

-got in the door and discovered that SOMEONE allowed the dog to stay out of her crate unsupervised for long enough to COMPLETELY destroy a huge patch of the carpet in the living room. So clearly she was alone in the house totally unsupervised for over two hours, which is totally unacceptable.

-opened the fridge to get a glass of juice, and not only was there no juice left, but some FUCKING MORON poured some sort of disgusting, filthy oil full of burnt shit into my jar of carefully strained bacon fat that I’ve been saving to cook with.

Ok, that wasn’t really all that short. But anyway. I am just so infuriated. And if that wasn’t irritating enough, some dickhead told me it was unreasonable to expect the buses to be on time because we’re having a “massive snowstorm.” Yeah, actual quote there. Um, hate to break it to you, but this is Edmonton in November - we got TWO INCHES of snow today, which brings the amount of snow on the ground up to a grand total of… two inches. And absolutely the roads are slippery and I don’t fault anyone for driving a bit slower than usual, but come on people, this happens EVERY FUCKING YEAR. Is it seriously that fucking complicated to put a couple of extra buses on the roads once the snow hits? At least on the major routes? Or at the VERY least, notify people that buses are delayed approximately x amount of time when they call or text the transit hotline. I mean, I was in rough enough shape standing there waiting with my holey shoe and my full bladder with a big ol’ baby pressing down on it, but what if someone elderly or immuno-compromised or someone with a little baby was waiting? Are they supposed to just die out there?

// Noooooo….//

It snowed last night. That’s it, my potential for happiness is reduced by like 95% until next May.